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A new Beginning 2021

If you are thinking of how to start journaling, to work with issues / past issues that you would like to process or release and don't know how to, contact me. We could set a time to work on decluttering. Working together with someone always makes it easier to have some form of clarity and especially if the issues are challenging to look at alone, you are assured of us walking through this together. I will hold the safe space for you.

Book a counselling session with us where we will incorporate EFT tapping to process, find inner strength, clarity and purpose in order to embrace the new year with inspired confidence. Our special 2020 promotion ends on until 31st Dec 2020, and you get to save SGD$40! You may opt to purchase a session now to be used in 2021. Hurry before sale ends. (Search under More tab>Plans & Pricing).


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