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EFT tapping and weight issues

I have been so used to the weight I have now that it didn't bother me much (most times). After all, I was healthy, I could run, play tennis and hike. It wasn't until a close friend of mine texted me recently that she has lost the 7 kgs she has had on for so long, that got me reflecting on my additional weight; why have I never thought of tapping on that, beats me for sure. She had tried everything but could not seem to shed it off. She attributed that to the tapping we did in February this year; the work we did was pretty intensive and lasted about 2 hours, going into the deep end of the meaning of that additional 7 kg that she was "carrying".

This got me motivated about my self as well. I started tapping immediately to release the xx additional kgs that I have put on steadily in all the years of my past relationship: 1 kg for each year of that relationship. (I attributed it to that specific relationship because that was when my weight gain happened). A few days later, I had further insight to these additional weight, and the emotions related to the events that I have carried for so long. This work will be a work in progress, so do look out for it;) (I know tapping has helped me recently on a food craving (bread) and it worked! I don't crave bread as much as I did before). The best way to work on this is to try it out for ourselves and see it work, and then be even more inspired by it.

Emotions that have not been acknowledged and released, remains in the body. It stays on as a physical manifestation or as additional weight. I read up on how trauma (especially sexual assault) can be the cause of body weight gain to "feel safe and protected", perhaps to look unattractive, to ward off the perpetrators, to lay low from more predators, and perhaps the shame, guilt etc., that remains in the body. Just to note, that there could be more reasons to weight gain than just trauma, it is different for everyone.

Food is usually a connection to someone or an event in our lives; it could be good (connected to someone we love) or bad (comfort food to forget the event and to feel "safe and loved" with the connection of someone we love). There is no right or wrong, just that everyone reacts different to different situations.

So just how do we go about losing these additional weight? It is good to have a goal in mind, and you may want to take a guess if you can't figure out the exact amount you would like to remove. Next, the work on using EFT tapping is to first feel safe, acknowledge the issue of the extra weight, and work into where this first begin - digging deeper. Lastly, we look to acknowledging these emotions and releasing them. Be open to the possibilities of finding healing for your self and your body. It is important to have a healthy mind and body connection.

If you have deep seated issues, it would be best to work with a certified EFT practitioner. If you are unsure and would prefer to work with someone, which I find most helpful, please feel free to reach out and make an appointment.


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