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Empowered Women - 2021

As I reflected about this day, I was brought back to a memory last year. I remembered writing an article and shared (my first) with the whole school community where I last worked. Writing is for me a way to share, to think, to declutter, and sometimes to educate. I received comments and lovely sharing in return, which I held dear. It meant that people read my work, they read my soul, they read what was in my heart and mind!

Writing truly requires one to be brave and vulnerable. All I wrote was about the strong women of the past that has fought hard to lead the way for us. I was glad to be able to "give a voice" in raising awareness about them (most have passed on), the work they did and in doing so, finding my own voice and strength. I am grateful to each of them for paving the way for us, for setting examples to keep going even if the odds are stacked against you, never to give up and find your place in this world!

So, to all women out there, RISE AND SHINE!


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