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Growth and challenges

We are all on a journey of growth. By now, you may have noticed that life is never smooth, fair, easy, or a straight line. If it has been for you, I am truly happy for you and maybe somewhat envious. Wouldn't it be nice that life works out well, all our wishes come true, our personal and professional life is smooth sailing and successful. Sure, maybe for a while. After that I am sure we will all get pretty bored.

I can understand that challenges in life is no walk in the park; it is painful, hurtful, upsetting and tiring. The only good thing I can think of is that with challenges we are gifted to know more about ourselves and perhaps find ways of rising out from those challenging situations. We learn about our limitations and strengths. We learn to push our boundaries and our comfort zones in order to achieve what we want; we challenge our negative thoughts in order to see the truth; we fight our fears to find possibilities and courage; we fail and learn to be wiser; we find creative ways to solve our issues in order to increase our knowledge; we look within our wounds, clean it and learn to sit with it in order to heal ourselves; we are hurt by those we love in order to learn humility and compassion that each of us walk with wounds in our hearts; we learn to grieve the loss in order to appreciate what we have and be mindful of our time on earth, of ourselves and especially of those around us. And if what we have tried doesn't seem to work, we will keep going through the same lessons in different contexts until we get it. Well done! You have nailed it. Enjoy your peaceful moment because with this, the next growth will come around. It (Growth and challenges) is not here to make your life difficult, it is only to show you how strong, how wise, how talented, how beautiful, how courageous you are, and how much you are loved!

These are my experiences, and I wouldn't want to change my past for the lessons I now have, and am still learning. So, when it is a quiet and peaceful moment, learn to enjoy it. The moment never lasts. Harness a strong foundation of love and compassion for yourself so that you can withstand the challenges of life. When you understand all this, you will find that practicing compassion for others becomes easier as well.

Blessings to you on your journey, xxx


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