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Healthy behaviors create healthy boundaries

Drawing a healthy boundary is important; it sets the tone of what is acceptable and what is not for you. And no it’s not rude or selfish.

I noticed the importance of :

1) Respect - for others. Let’s not gossip, backstab, look down or be condescending of others. Treat others as you would like to be treated. 2) Respect - for self. If I learn to say what is not acceptable and stand up to what is not right, I’m learning to care for my being - I’m learning to respect myself and modeling others to respect me and themselves too. I don’t just tolerate but I speak up for myself. 3) Acceptance - it is important to accept our weakness and limitations as we are all a work in progress. It is even more important to accept others as they are because they too are on their journey of learning. If they don’t get it, maybe they are not ready. (This is a great reminder for myself). 4) Forgiveness - understanding no 3, makes this much easier. We are all on a learning journey. When we know ourselves better, we know that we too have our own stuffs to clear, we have our limitations, we see with our own perspectives / lenses which is actually just our limited experiences; and that people react according to their limited experiences and agenda (according to the Johari window-the self that we each do not know) which ultimately may also have their issues to sort out as well. Plus, you want to have a clear conscience for a healthy well being Moral of this story - we are all on a learning and healing journey; to unlearn all the unhealthy (negative experiences) habits we have learnt. Be kind to your Self and with others. Blessings of love and light to you, xxx


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