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How talk therapy is helpful for everyone

*Self-Disclosure: From a practicing psychotherapist, I have gained so much (and am totally grateful) with the help of my clinical supervisors and therapists. They are my form of self care and they helped me work through my fears, anxiety, childhood issues that has caused me to create limited beliefs, and past relationships that has left residues behind and more. In working through each issue that shows up when it is time to clear them, I move from being stuck towards a place of transformation.

This enables me to be there for my clients, to hold the safe space for them to explore and heal, and I don't feel fatigued or triggered easily.

I encourage everyone to start your journey towards becoming a better and healthier version of yourself. Find a therapist you feel comfortable to work with; it could be a form of your own self care, it could be to discover more of your Self, it could be to work on your being stuck and not in a state of thriving, or it could to process a difficult moment that you are going through, or taking this time and space to feel heard, and seen, to build your self confidence / self worth.

Whatever you do, keep growing and keep evolving to be a healthier and peaceful version of your Self.


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