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July positivity

Half a year has gone; I am not sure if asking what we have achieved would be helpful as most of us have been stuck by the locked down due to the global pandemic since March 2020 onward. Some of us may have lost our income, our jobs, the normal activities, even loved ones, but most of all, we each have lost time. Time to be productive, being out there doing something, building something or learning something, travelling and exploring. That was our norm wasn't it. Staying at home feels sort of unproductive. However, I would beg to differ that.

How many of us just sat around, watched endless Netflix, napped and slept more than often, baked and cooked, played board games with family / friends? When was the last time you had this opportunity to just BE? Your soul rested, you bonded, you played and your mind is now engaged with more creativity from all those movies and play. Wasn't that just as productive? Being productive can apply to all aspects of your life; not just professionally / at a work place. It could be any activity to improve your personal life, your health - mind, body and spirit - creating more time for other things, REST mainly.

When you have rested, and recharged, be ready to walk on to the future that lays ahead waiting for you. I will not promise that the journey ahead will be smooth, but I can assure you that you have the strength, courage and wisdom to handle it. Remember too, that you are never alone. You've got this!

Blessings, xxx


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