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March love

As we begin the month of March, let us take a few moments to acknowledge the work we have done the last two months. We tend to keep moving ahead that we sometimes forget to take the time to reflect the past, how good or challenging it has been; how we have learnt to overcome those challenges, no matter how big or small - those were winning moments! Each step we take, we learn new lessons for ourselves.

I learnt that there are many ways to be productive. I learnt that to be unproductive is productive in itself. By not being productive, it means I am accepting where I am at that moment; that I have nothing to give or to take on; that perhaps I need/want to take a break from the need to do something and be ok with that. That I may just want to take the time to replenish my soul and learn new ways of doing.

So, as we begin the month of March, start slow. Be gentle with yourself, there is much to learn, grow and heal. Much love to you as we begin this beautiful month of March.

Because you matter!

I hope you enjoy this meditation and the music by Lauren Ash:


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