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Power of courage and vulnerability

Two weeks ago, I stumbled across Brene Brown’s video on Vulnerability. It has been a while since I listened to her talks and this was timely. What stood out and had an impact for me was this "having the courage to show up when you can't control the outcome." A few days after watching this, I received an email asking for volunteers to run a well-being workshop. For two days, it sat in my heart and mind; you see I already knew what I wanted to do for a few weeks now but lacked the courage and opportunity. This time, I knew the time was right. This time, I would be bold! This time I would SHOW UP!

It took me two days and one (EFT) tapping session with my trainer to prepare the presentation, think about what I want to share and do that will benefit others, and to ground myself. The day came, I did some body work to release whatever tension I held within my body. The strange thing was, I was worried about not feeling stressed or nervous! Let me say that again; I was WORRIED that I wasn’t feeling nervous or stressed! The irony of it. I did wonder if I was disassociating myself with my feelings. I did a test run with some friends in the morning and again I checked in to see how I was feeling. I spoke about being nervous but my body and my whole being was not feeling any of this. Then came the presentation, I did what I wanted to do and I was glad I did it! As in all things, we learn to rejoice and reward ourselves for having faced and achieved our goal. I knew this was just the beginning. The next day, I added more information I would want to add to my presentation so that when the next opportunity arises, I am ready.

Besides the tapping that kept me grounded, it was the power of the words Brene shared that had inspired me the most. That was all I could think about. I was going to get into the ring, show up and do what I need to do. Whatever happens after, doesn’t matter because I did it. I took that step for myself! I own the courage to allow myself to be vulnerable in front of others, and THAT is ok and enough for me!

Whoever said that to be vulnerable is to be weak, is afraid of failing big time! Whoever is courageous to be vulnerable is not afraid of failing, they are afraid of not taking that first step! So, I leave you with the words that has inspired me and I hope it inspires you too, to be Bright, Brave and Bold!

"Vulnerability is hard, and it's scary, and it feels dangerous, but it's not as hard, scary or dangerous as getting to the end of our lives and having to ask ourselves, 'What if I would've shown up?' 'What if I would've said, I love you?' " Brown told the crowd. "Show up, be seen, answer the call to courage... 'cause you're worth it. You're worth being brave."


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