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Restoring Balance: Mind - Body -Spirit

Emotional balance occurs when we allow ourselves to feel whatever comes up, without feeling suppressed or overwhelmed, and learn to accept our feelings without judgment. It is understandable when we avoid emotional pain just as we do physical pain. We try so hard to keep emotional pain at bay. Unfortunately, in the long run  these painful experiences intensify and shows itself (manifests) as a physical pain, or unhealthy behaviors. We need to find ways to provide our emotions a safe (though at times uncomfortable) path to expression by allowing ourselves to feel them consciously. Here are some tips on managing those emotions:

1. Acknowledge the emotions. Become consciously aware that you are experiencing an emotion. Although you may not know specifically what the feeling is, it is important to simply notice and acknowledge that you have some feeling.

2. Accept them. Those emotions are part of you, just as your physical body is part of you, and your mind / thoughts are part of you. Identify the particular emotion. You may want to close your eyes, turn your focus inward, and allow yourself to tune in to that emotion in your body. Sometimes, anger sits as a tightness in your neck and shoulders, sadness as an ache in your chest, fear and nervousness as a knot in your stomach, and joy as warmth in your heart.

3.Name them. “I’m feeling angry". “I’m feeling scared.” “I’m feeling sad.” Naming these emotions you experience into simple sentences creates the space you can use to respond intentionally rather than react automatically and unconsciously.

Emotional balance is facilitated by practicing emotional regulation. Emotional regulation includes self-soothing activities that help with reducing the emotional intensity and provide a calming effect, such as intentional breathing, EFT tapping, meditation, walking, listening to music you enjoy, dancing, singing a favorite song, exercising, visualizing a relaxing image, and journaling. Below are some forms of feelings and experiences that we can work on releasing and restoring. You may opt to use this in meditation / visualization, whilst tapping or while journaling.

Today I let go off:









Limiting belies

Negative Thoughts

Things I cant' control

The constant need to be productive

I choose to restore:









Vitality / energy




Self Belief

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