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Saddle up!

I came across this quote when I was looking for something on the internet. I resonated with the quote and really like the meaning to it. I am not sure if you grew up watching John Wayne movies, it was mainly in the way he walked - the swagger. I could do that too... especially after a long ride on a horse or just my bicycle. It is not a proud swagger, just an awful painful one(eye roll)

Back to the John Wayne quote. Change is scary! No, actually it is not scary. It is damn scary (that's mildly putting it - minding the mature audiences here). If today you are looking to change some aspects of your life be it professionally or personally, go for it! The challenge here is testing and pushing your limits; it is building your self-trust and inner-resilience.

Persistence is key to building a stronger and courageous you. One day when you face another struggle in life, you are going to look back for some self-support and tell yourself, "Nah, I've been on this road before, I can do this". So, as scary as the day looks like, get up, and get on that horse! I'm right here with you. I'd be sure to saddle up first.. bare back riding may not be a fun thing for many;) You've got this!


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