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Safety in familiarity or suffering?

I understand this quote so well because I have lived with it often and long enough. It seems easier to be in the state of discomfort, dis-empowerment and suffering than to do something about it out of the fear of the unknown. This fear can be paralyzing; the very thought of it can drain anyone out. Perhaps like me, you get used to it and just learn to live alongside with it, even though you know you deserve some peace, safety and stability. I hope you come to that cross road of enough is enough and take that power back. Take your power back! It is liberating. It can be taking that first big step to speak up, to do something different, to draw a healthy boundary, to walk away or to make changes to what doesn't work anymore.

It is daunting, change often is; it seems like a big move / a big change - take the time you need to feel safe and grounded, to reflect, discern and seek some wise counsel when necessary. You will know when you are ready; do not force yourself, be kind with yourself and practice love and compassion as you would a little child. I often do not know what comes next after I make those decisions, but I know it felt good, strong and exciting at the thought of the breath of fresh life and peace!

Shalom and blessings, xxx


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