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Silent Night

We are just 3 days away from Christmas, and even though I am not with my family due to travel restrictions, I am grateful for this time to rest, recover, rejuvenate and recalibrate. It is what it is and we make the best use of whatever has been granted to us.

I intend to use this time as we head towards the end of 2020 (what a year indeed!) to reflect what I have learnt this year, what I am grateful for and what I would need to release and let go - what has not served me well for my growth and healing. I would like to invite you to do the same.

Here are some of my reflections:

  • Always be prepared, be it financially, spiritually or mentally. All these will help you on rainy days and storms.

  • Make each moment count. Enjoy each moment with loved ones as you don’t know when you will not have them again.

  • Keep growing personally – seek to clear your past issues that hinders you from growth, healing and joy. Not only will you flourish in all you do, your physical and mental health will also benefit from it.

  • Be flexible and go with the flow. If we become so set in our habits and thoughts, we will have difficulty adapting and adjusting.

  • Learn to sit with the discomfort; from that we learn more about ourselves, our needs, our wounds that needs to be healed, and how to have self-care that works best for us.

  • That it is ok to just be still without the need to do more or prove to anyone how good you are – you are enough!

  • That it is ok to experience your emotions - sadness, grief, sorrow, or anger. However, don’t hold on to them for too long. Find ways to process where those emotions were triggered from and then let it go. For your health’s sake, LET it Go.

These are some of my gratefulness list:

  • Family, friends and neighbors that check in on each other, sharing their goods, their care and love in times of crisis.

  • The air that I breathe each day, the sunshine each morning, the rain that allows me to rest and just enjoy the peacefulness of the moment, food on my table, roof on my head, a bed to rest on when I am tired.

  • The internet! This allowed me to connect with family and friends all around the world, and to continue to do the work I do as a healer and counsellor. This is my super gratefulness!!

  • My business / private practice - The Journey Within, which would not have been possible if not for COVID-19 and being made redundant in a job I thoroughly enjoyed, counselling students. This dream had been written in my journal exactly one year ago to the date I started my own practice. Some call it prophecy, or synchronicity. I would say its all that and include blessing and miracle.

  • For my EFT tribe that I just got to know in February 2020, such a timely event. I could not imagine a better time than this, to take up the course, clocking the hours and be certified as an EFT practitioner in the span of 6 months, I heard as one of the fastest to be certified. (I am truly honored).

  • So therefore, I am extremely grateful for the EFT tribe (Baya, Karin, Puja, and DeChen -my soul sister from Bhutan) that constantly supported each other; the trainers (Peter and Tamara Donn) who were so helpful with their mentoring; my own therapist, Deborah Hill, for teaching me so much about the lens of perception and helped me with my own healing; the clients and friends that trusted me so that I could clock my hours. I knew EFT tapping works because I have tried it and seen how much it has changed and healed me, from a subconscious deep-seated rage that caused me teeth grinding issues, to working on releasing the people who had hurt, wounded, and assaulted me, to knowing my needs better and learning to manifest a healthier and happier lifestyle.

As to what I needed to let go of, it would be:

  • my limited beliefs

  • my old self with fears that have not been helpful at all

  • my expectations on myself and others

  • people who do not value me for who I am

When I am done writing down all my reflections for 2020, I will be ready to set my intention / goals for the coming year 2021; this will help me to refocus on what is important and meaningful for me. This has always helped me to plan for my journey ahead and we all know that as much as we plan, sometimes things don't go the way we intend for it to happen. Hence, I do have some extra plans stashed away for moments such as these;)

If you are thinking of how to start journaling, to work with issues / past issues that you would like to process or release and don't know how to, contact me. We could set a time to work on decluttering. Working together with someone always makes it easier to have some form of clarity and especially if the issues are challenging to look at alone, you are assured of us walking through this together. I will hold the safe space for you.

Book a counselling session with us where we will incorporate EFT tapping to process, find inner strength, clarity and purpose in order to embrace the new year with inspired confidence. Our special 2020 promotion ends on until 31st Dec 2020, and you get to save SGD$40! You may opt to purchase a session now to be used in 2021. Hurry before sale ends. (Search under More tab>Plans & Pricing).


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