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Staying Focused, Creative and Motivated

We are living in a state of chaos, controlled chaos, where the situation is in control but there a few things we can't control - the impact on businesses, finances, supplies, loss and death. There isn't much we can do at the moment to change this situation while we wait it out, but in this waiting we can choose to re-invent ourselves by coming out with creative ideas, working on your Plan B, and working on your Self.

I remember attending a leadership talk by Pastor Craig Groeschel, where he talked about looking for ideas within the box. We are so used to being taught to "think out of the box". I would like to agree to the basics of thinking within the box. What do you have within you or your surroundings (business, work, learning opportunities etc) that you can change? Because right now, we may not have the opportunity for resources from outside, it may be costly and unavailable. Look at your business models now, what can be changed to adapt to the situation now and to lessen the loss. There was an article of a new business that just opened in New York when COVID-19 hit. They were going to have a huge loss especially when they have just spent so much opening up the posh restaurant. They quickly re-looked at their resources, changed their dining in to delivery, and guess what? Their waiters / waitresses now pack and deliver the food! So, no one looses their jobs, the income can still come in. Isn't that thinking inside the box? That's looking at all the resources you have and how you can adjust and adapt! Awesome plan! If you have a business, re-look, remodel and work on it for now and after all this is over, you will continue to flourish! What do you need to be prepared for, what do you need to have in place. Perhaps, be more prepared for situations like this and have a manual on handling situations - like fire drills. We practiced that twice every year, why not this as well? Aka business continuity plans.

Work on your Plan B! What are you interested in? Perhaps you are great in quilting, baking, cooking, or painting. You can turn all this to a future business as well. Think about it. Those are your passion and dreams. If you love doing something, work is no longer work but an extension of your true self! I am looking at online courses to add on to my professional qualifications, not just for myself, but so that I understand my clients better and be more competent. Life long learning is so important for our mental well being as well as our emotional well being as well. Besides that, I have started this blog as a way to discipline and hone my writing skills,hopefully I may be able to write my own book one day. Yes, I do have a few plans up my sleeve but they are all my passions, thus an extension of my very self. What about you? Perhaps you are passionate about health, start your research, write them down and find a way to share the knowledge. If you are a keen baker or a cook, start collecting your recipes, and take beautiful pictures of your creation. You could think about having them in a website for catering or opening up your very own cafe! Better yet, churn that cook book out! There are never enough cook books out there, especially one as unique and authentic as yours that has been passed down with love!

Working on yourself to stay centered safe and sane. It is certainly not easy being cooped at home and more so if you have families surrounding you 24/7. Taking care of their needs, having them take your space. It can be tiring. It is important to carve out a "Me-time" for yourself. Take turns and give each one the space to just rest and do whatever they need to relax and find some balance. This helps everyone to have their needs met, to rest and thus lessen the tension at home. Respecting each other's boundaries, and when time out has been given, helps to create a more loving environment of care. Start of your day well, by being mindful and grateful. End your day well so that you can sleep well.

Remember to eat well and healthy, and also to stay hydrated. Incorporate exercises into your daily schedule. If you can't go out to walk or run, do some light stretches at home. Start the day with a quiet and short meditation. This will start your day calmly and peacefully keeping you in a state of awareness and mindfulness throughout. Take the time to celebrate or reward yourself if you have completed or achieved a goal you had in mind. No matter how big or small the goal. This helps to keep you inspired and motivated.

Remember, you are important, you are enough and you are valuable! You can recreate yourself again, you can rise up from anything! You are not stuck, you have choices, and you certainly can think new thoughts.

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