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Sweating it out?

Don't sweat the small stuffs. What are the small stuffs anyway. Being impatient and easily upset while you wait for your orders, or walking behind someone really slow, someone cutting in to your lane, having coffee / wine split on your new blouse/white shirt, missing the bus etc. Is it really worth being upset over these? The small stuffs could also be anything that takes up your thoughts, ruminating about the past, and worrying about the future. If you are being present to the moment, you are better able to manage the expectations of your day.

If you're feeling tired, or you wake up feeling sad or unmotivated, get up anyway, wash up and have a hot drink - herbal tea or lemon infused water. Write down what you're feeling in your journal. If you are happy and calm, write down your grateful moments.

If you are feeling sad, low and unmotivated, write that feeling down and ask what's the thought behind that feeling? Rate the feeling with that thought, with 10 being very sad/low/unmotivated etc. Can you do anything about it? If yes, write the ideas down and see what works best for you. If you can't change the situation, what can you do for yourself to feel better about the situation? Sometimes, it is all about being still and letting the moments pass and finding it's own answers. If you are having difficulty overcoming these feelings or you need some help with overcoming some challenges, find a therapist or a coach to help you with your journey.

Don't fret over matters you can't change, you can only change the reactions you have towards them. Meditate, go for a slow walk, switch on some music, dance, sing, draw or write; find something you enjoy to lift your spirit (just not too much of the spirit bottle ;) Know that you've got this and the answer usually lies within. You only need to be still to hear it. When you look back one day, you'd realize how trivial the matters were. At the end, nothing matters but that you live your life fully, trusting that most things do work out anyway.

Love and light to you, xxx


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