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The flow of Life

I remember having a conversation with a wise lady one day. We spoke about our directions in life, our challenges and our need to be more not just for ourselves but for what we can offer to the world. I spoke about the uncertainty about where I was headed then. I will forever remember this conversation.

Before you came to being, you were already chosen for a purpose. You may have had a say in it of what you want to learn in this lifetime. Then, all you need to do, is to trust that God / Higher one / Universe (whatever you believe in), has you in the palm of His Hands. Imagine sitting on a leaf that floats on the flow of the river. We do not try to fight to go upstream, we always go with the flow. Going with the flow gives you peace, calmness and hopefulness at every turn, but always trusting that you are in safe hands. It doesn't mean that you be irresponsible and not do anything; if there is something you need to achieve, go all out for it, trusting that you will be at the right place and at the right time to pursue your dreams. Trust that you will fulfill the purpose that has been set just for you, whether it is a big or a small role. We all play a part in making this whole rich tapestry called life. Go with the flow of life, trust in the flow of life.


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