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Time to release

There comes a time in your life when you know it is time to - let it go. I hope I am not reminding you of the Disney song from Frozen! If you, like me have had many years of life experiences (hint... age wise), you may have picked up some negative behaviors, and unhealthy relationships along the way. For reasons we each may or may not know why; maybe it benefited us, or we were looking for some form of safety and stability, perhaps it may be a form of comfort. There comes a time in your life, you know it is time to release them because they (negative behavior and (toxic)relationship) are not helping you live your best life with joy and peace. In releasing all these negativities, you are better able to manifest your dreams.

Here are some tips to help:

1) Find a time and set the intention; take the time to think about how you want to go about doing this clearing work; who & what (issues with trust, and not feeling worthy, not good enough etc) do you want to clear.

2) If you chose to write a letter to release these unhealthy behaviors or names of your past relationships - mainly because there may have been beliefs, words said or actions/behaviors that have remain stuck within you subconsciously; take your time to write them all down. You may want to write the attributes related to them that you felt had been a negative effect for you, eg -name xxx - you disrespected me and violated me; name xxx you were so wrong for me because we both had our own issues, name xxx you can't be trusted. At the end of the letter (keep it clear and concise) write, I choose to release you now. May you go your way and not step into my path again. You may opt to tear it up when you are ready or burn them (pleased do not burn the house down-find somewhere safe).

If it was an unhealthy behavior, perhaps it is comfort eating or smoking and you are ready to release this and start feeling healthy, write these down - what caused you to begin these behaviors, the origin of it and why do you want to kick this unhealthy behavior now (this would be your cause of motivation). Pin it up somewhere close to you that you can see each day for a reminder.

3) Spend some time to fill back / restore your system to balance and positivity - affirmation, self-love and care. Spend time in meditation, go for a walk in nature / beach, move your body - dance, yoga or running etc.

Remember, you are responsible for your Self; you are never alone but there are some things you need to do on your own. You are safe, you are worth it, and you are courageous! May peace, love and joy always be yours today and always.

Blessings, xxx


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