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Walk Boldly!

We are constantly challenged to face change; change is the only constant we have often been told. If today, you don't feel like you have done much, or achieved much, or you have yet to find a fulfilling and meaningful role, give thanks for that nudge. Life will not let you stay where you are; there will be lessons, challenges, trials, experiences - how are you going to react to it? Of course it is frightening, because it is an unknown path, uncharted territory, one that you have not step into before.

  1. Know that others are also on that path, or have been on that path but they are constantly challenged on different levels. That is a norm. You are not alone.

  2. Know that it takes time to figure out, to take that path and time to ADJUST. We often forget that it takes time to learn something new, to get acquainted with our new situations and relationships. Allow yourself to assimilate. It could take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months.

  3. Know that you have been given bountiful of opportunities to re-create yourself; be open to the possibilities and miracles taking place. When you are open to possibilities, you remain positive; the more positive you are, the more abundance and support you will receive.

  4. You have a choice! We often forget we have choices! Not taking that step, is also a choice. However, I am reminded of that familiar story of the frog sitting in a slow boiling water.. You can remain where you are, but you may end up with these thoughts, 'I should have, I could have....". Do not allow regret to live within your soul - it is a disease.

You were made to shine and to thrive! Go out and fulfill that destiny that has been specially created JUST FOR YOU, because that purpose had been implanted in your soul from day one. It will constantly remind you of that unfulfilled purpose until you reach out for it. If today you forget where you are and need a reminder, look back.. see the experiences, strength, courage, wisdom, support and love that has been handed to you. Go forth, walk boldly into your future that has your name on it.


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