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What happens when a therapist visits a therapist

In my role as a counselor, I have been to supervisions in a group session or in a one to one session. I have not seen one for my own therapy, well not since 2007 and those sessions didn't work out well for me and perhaps I wasn't ready to do deep self work then.

Since I am taking up to be an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique -Tapping) practitioner, I have to do a few sessions on the hot seat besides attending group supervision - yes, this is serious stuff, ethical and safety procedures are in place. I searched for someone who may appeal to me as a kind, emphatic, patient and definitely affordable for my pockets. I met this beautiful kind soul of an EFT practitioner, Deborah Hill online,located in Tasmania (one of my favorite places). I have seen her twice and I thought I was "just going to learn" from her and perhaps see what I needed to work on. Lets just say that since I met her, a lot of synchronicity has happened for us.

Day one, it was 9 in the morning. Deb and I worked on me just feeling drained out and tired; and we began our tapping. I was so looking forward to be refreshed and was not expecting to end up crying! Good grief! No pun intended. Grief - just when i thought it was over years ago - I had worked on it blah blah blah, my body and heart (emotion) certainly weren't aligned to my mind! I am so laughing my a*se out now!

Alright, so that wasn't funny! It was intense work! And I am glad to have done that work to release the old stuck grief because this allows me to help those in need without it triggering a negative response in my body that causes me to feel drained out when I meet clients! Duh! Metaphysics!

This is not the same as psycho dynamic / psychoanalysis where one feels triggered by counter-transference - where you "feel and think" these experiences affecting you; it's totally different. Our bodies react differently to "the silent vibes in the room with clients" is the closest way I can explain this. I did say I am a work in progress and I am glad for these learning experiences. After that session, I must say i was feeling so refreshed although physically tired. Let's be realistic here, I didn't sleep well and so what I would need would be to get another round of good sleep:) EFT helps one to evolve and not solve.. this is not magic or else I would be jumping about immediately after that session; my soul certainly felt so light it wanted to skip all over though! I am looking forward to my next session with Deb to see what else I would unearth so that my true self will emerge and shine brighter!

I am open to practice EFT as part of my practicum so anyone who is interested to have a sense of what it feels like, you know where to find me.

If you'd like to meet Deborah, she can be found here.


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