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What keeps you going?

Robin Sharma is an amazing author that writes from his experiences; for one to be wise and strong, I would think life's experiences accounts for it, at least 85-90%, the rest is learnt from academics - qualifications etc.

I stumbled along this quote and I found this interesting. What gets you out of bed each day (besides needing to use the loo), what keeps you going daily. More importantly, what gets you out of bed and going daily, especially when you are are having a tough time, facing challenges and trails of life?

Maybe you have to put the bacon on the table, have mouths to feed, people to call and things to do. That is functional. What's ingrained deep within you, to believe in what you do, or perhaps finding that one small spark that gets you going? If you do have one, I am glad for you. However, if you are finding difficulty finding a good enough motivation each day, go back to the basics.

  1. Start with finding something to be grateful for , no matter how difficult it can be. Gratefulness begets more gratefulness. If you stripped your roles of a mother, wife, sister, daughter, father, son, husband, brother, teacher, lawyer, artist etc, who are you at that core? A child of God, child of the universe, so special, so wonderfully made, a miracle!

  2. Look at the gifts you have been bestowed, perhaps you are generous with your love and care, or time for others, perhaps you sing / cook / bake very well, you relate to people well that people confide in you and find you supportive or comforting, perhaps you've got a great insight and an aptitude for whatever it is you do. That is your gift, find gratitude in that, because someone may need it.

  3. Next, look at your values; what do you care about, what would you stand up for, what do you want to share in this world; to add on to it, no matter how big or small a role you play in giving, IT STILL MATTERS! It could be helping abandoned animals, it could be giving voice to the refugees, it could be empowering others with similar issues you have faced or are facing by sharing your story, maybe you love working with children who need support and love because you have been there and you know what it is like, etc.

If you notice, all I have written about is what can you give to someone else. Yes, for in giving you receive. In giving, you receive joy in return. In giving, you have a sense of fulfilling a purpose. In giving, you learn a lot of what you have within you, strength, courage, abundance. In giving, you receive validation - let's face it, validation received freely and unexpectedly from others is rewarding and uplifting for your soul. So remember to also validate others;) In giving, you find healing.

Child of God, child of the universe, do you now see how special you are? You are blessed, you are so loved. May today, you be overwhelmed by this Love, bathed in this Love, surrounded by this Love.


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