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What will we take with us after this pandemic is over?

I wonder what we have been reflecting about and learnt during the lock down period. There is no better time than now to mull in solitude what is important and how we can be better human beings. So, what then do we take with us when we emerge from this pandemic? Here are my reflections. Feel free to share me yours.

Resilience: A trait that helps one adapt to stressful events or rebound from negative circumstances. What values do we hold that has been keeping us positive and moving forward; perhaps it's faith, or perhaps its faithfully practicing meditation, mindfulness, and a regular exercise. It could also be that after countless times of facing adversity in life, we have the strength, courage and agility to be adaptive. Resilience will not only get anyone through this crisis, it will get us through many more of life’s challenges.

Perseverance: We all work hard to build our lives in order to create and sustain our own legacy. In doing so, we’re likely to develop perseverance due to a sense of purpose. Likewise, in moments like this, we will continue to persevere because we are still in that role of fulfilling that purpose. There is a sense of continuation, to keep going no matter the situation.

Vulnerability: In the book Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, Dr Brené Brown defined vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.” We are so used to holding it all together less someone uses it against us to shame our weakness. I wonder perhaps, if we can be more accepting of those who are vulnerable in our midst and to also practice authenticity and courage to say “I need help”, “I’m sorry” or even allow others to see our tears. In being vulnerable, we create an atmosphere of trust, courage, acceptance, compassion, and care.

Empathy: Having experienced challenging moments, facing our own worries and anxieties, or seeing someone we know and love suffer, this may perhaps allow us to easily resonate and feel compassion for others more readily. Being emphatic builds trust and connection between people.

So, practice empathy, take a chance and be vulnerable, arm yourself with perseverance and you will find resilience within :) Keep resilience close at hand, you will be needing her often. Oh, and I will be sure to take my new carrot cake recipe with me wherever I go. It is a sure win as one of my friends commented AND I do intend to win some;)


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