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What Clients Have Said

I give each client an opportunity to re-examine their path in life. Clients who finish one of my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. I take pride in reading my clients’ testimonials and learning how I’ve helped to change their outlook on life. Check out some of their experiences below and contact me to add yours!

"It’s a pleasure to know you and to have been a part of your journey. Thank you for your guidance, motivation and care. The sessions with you were really amazing and I picked up a lot of valuable lessons, thank you for it all".

Vinayak J.

“I have been having acid reflux on a monthly basis for over 10 years.  The more stress I feel, the more severe and greater frequency the acid reflux.  Ana helped me realise when and what triggered the initial acid reflux. It reminded of when I was a junior associate at a law firm, of  being bullied by my seniors and ostracized.  Ana helped me realize that I am no longer the fearful, young girl I was then but a strong, empowered and wiser woman now.  I am so much more at peace.  Thank you, Ana."


I was dealing with an incident which  led me to feeling an intense disappointment.  I struggled to function and was overwhelmed, frustrated and confused.

I reached out to Ana Jeremiah and she helped me to acknowledge and deal with my issues. She introduced EFT tapping and we looked into my disappointment. What came up was an intense feeling of rejection that stemmed from my past as a child. We did a session on connecting with my inner child and worked on the the root cause of my issues. Being able to connect with my inner child felt profoundly comforting; I realized much later that it was something I much needed all these years. From this, I was able to be more patient and compassionate with myself. I understood myself more than ever before. 

Even though the session was highly emotional for me, Ana showed such genuine kindness, patience and  compassion which enabled me to feel comfortable and provided a safe & supportive environment for me to share. 

 Her professional knowledge and expertise was exceptional, as was her perceptiveness and ability to fully understand my anxieties and needs. 

Thanks to her, I am better able to manage my thoughts and emotions and have a deeper understanding of myself. Overall it was an enlightening & amazing experience and I highly recommend her.

Jey C., Online entrepreneur

I was spending most of my day controlling my mind restricting it from accessing few of my wounded memories. This used to eat up at least 30% of my daily mind energy and efficiency. I figured out that this was affecting both my personal and professional life. Ana helped me reach to the reasoning of why I even need to hold those memories. The process of answering myself with Ana’s tapping techniques and emotional guidance helped me relieve my mind struggle to a great extent. Today I am much better a son, a partner, a friend, an employee and most importantly I am a much better me. Thank you Ana. Wouldn’t have been possible without you


Testimonials: Testimonials
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