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The Journey Within by Ana Jeremiah

Hello there and welcome. The Journey Within came about in 2019, whilst on a solo trip to conquer my fears of travelling alone. I wanted to pursue my counseling practice full time as well as to write my thoughts and experiences in a blog. The Journey Within is about looking within ourselves; it often is a journey filled with trepidation to find out what lies within us that could be a resource, or to be excavated and removed. I have been in the counselling field since 2015 and I am passionate about seeing my clients move ahead in life. There is nothing more satisfying than to see them feeling liberated, light, and calm or excited about moving ahead in life. I am on a constant growth as I learn from my clients as well, and look up on methods that would best suit them and be beneficial for them. I am also an accredited EFT tapping practitioner and I have seen how this therapy has helped my clients overcome anxiety, depression, traumatic past events, and even manage physical pain; physical pain may sometimes be associated with emotional issues. 

This is also a blog on my life's experiences, both personal and professional.  I choose to write it to share with you that no matter the mountains and valleys you go through, you are not alone. I will add on helpful tips gathered from experience and knowledge that it may benefit you; take what you need.

Welcome to my blog and enjoy your journey.

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