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Letting the anxieties go and relaxing - for my friends who are in a lockdown

I know that some countries are going into the lockdown state and I am sure no one likes it. The worries, and anxieties around the uncertainty of businesses, jobs and the physical distancing for family and friends. It is hard and I know that. Times like this, we find ways to connect with others through technology and find creative ways to self soothe / calm our nerves.

Perhaps this lock down is raising some feelings of fear, of sadness, even anger and you wonder if there is more than meets the eye. An EFT tapping session is one way of working through the emotions to see where is first began and processing it out of the body. Just to share an example, it would remind me of a time I had to be locked in a room to study because I was rebellious and just wanted to watch TV. My freedom and freewill had been taken away from me and one of the beliefs I had was that "I needed the be punished for not doing something the authority figure wanted - my parents". Often times it is working these emotions that had been stuck within our bodies and realizing it that that was the best way they knew how to teach me about responsibility. I get it now and perhaps there could be a better way :)

Going from that, I would like to share some tips you can use to soothe your nerves during a lock down.

  1. Each morning when you are up, try to find where the sun is shining through. Be in line of the rays (through the windows or your balconies). Stretch your body as you look at it, giving thanks for a new day. If it is a rainy/cloudy day, stand in a spacious room and have the lights on brightly.

  2. Tap all over your body to wake yourself up and boost your energy:

  3. As you do that, you may want to say some affirmations: Today is a new day, I walk into this day with ease. I choose to embrace this day with peace and love in my heart. I choose to have a good and productive (or relaxing) day.

  4. Have a hot herbal tea, sip it slowly and mindfully. This will awaken your taste buds.

  5. Take a nice cool shower. This will awaken your bodily sensation.

  6. Have some nice aroma oils on your wrist if you are not allergic to it or have them in the house. Let this awake your olfactory senses.

  7. Through out the day, remember to stand up and stretch. Imagine picking apples from a tree, stretch the hands up high, look up and smile.

That saying, have a happy weekend to all!


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