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Understanding trauma

I have attended courses on trauma previously but it has never quite opened my eye until I started doing work EFT tapping for myself. Then taking up another course on understanding trauma and how it affects the body became so much more meaningful to me. Somatoform, the inability to process and express a psychological distress and thereafter manifests itself in the body, has probably been researched for a long time but doesn’t seem to have much awareness in this time.

I’d like to share my thoughts on this but please, I would encourage you to also do your research and also do some work for yourself especially if you have some bodily symptoms that doesn’t seem to go away (eg depression, sadness, anxiety, anger or confusion).

Trauma doesn’t necessary have to look like a big negative event to you now... it could be a big event that happened to you when you’re a child. (Eg. When you’re a child, the whole world seems so much bigger doesn’t it? Even a church that looks small to me now, I remember it being huge when I was younger!)

The reason why you feel any of the symptoms in the quote could be due to something or someone you have encountered to trigger the reactions within your body that remembered an event, but your mind may not remember where it first began. (Eg. I felt drained and disturbed while having a conversation with someone over a topic. The trigger behind that was caused by a childhood memory of grief and loss of losing a close friend. What would a 6 year old child understand about the loss of a very close friend then right? But now I know better).

Trauma work and inner child work is very important in healing and liberating the true self. There is always good in healing one’s self. Be brave and be courageous. I will not sugar coat it by saying how easy it is but how scary it can be to face the pain and hurt but when you come out of it, trust, that you would be in a better place. That I can assure you! Liberated, free and unmoved by anything easily. Trust in your journey and trust in the process of healing❤️


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